Markam Fashion sets up its own monobrand shop chain in Romania

Markam Fashion singed on the 15.12.2007 a franchising agreement with “Eurtrop Consulting” from Bucharest. The Romanian company will open up in 2008 2 monobrand shops of Markam. The first one will be Galleria Mall in Buzau and the second one – mall Berceni in Bucharest. Two more shops will be operating as from 2009 in Bucharest and one in Brashou.

Йоана-Роксана Барбу и Камен Обрешков

“I am very happy we signed this agreement,” said the Executive director of “Eurtrop Consulting” Roxana Barbu. “I believe we can create and manage a strong and steady, dynamic and profitable network of prestige shops of Markam Fashion in Romania. Roxana Barbu is certain that without doubt the high quality of Markam’s product provides the brand with a competitive edge and will deliver significant financial performance.

“By focusing on the quality, value, and promotion we increased in 2007 our sales by 47,3% while in the Euro zone only we doubled the sales”, said Kamen Obreshkov, owner of Markam Fashion. Based on the company’s robust performance, strong market position, and continued expansion we look forward to further growth in 2008.”
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