Cveti Dilcheva - the top-model of Evromodels fashion agency became a reporter of the high-life TV show “Elit”

Cveti Dilcheva

The popular high life TV show "Elit" chose its new reporter, the beauty of Evromodels fashion agency Cveti Dilcheva.

She is known as a winner of the model competitions "Miss Retro Sofia" and Evromodels 2007 where she won the prize of the audience.

But Cveti is more popular as one of the finalists in Slavi Trifonov's TV show "Krasavicata i otlichnikat".

Since a month she manages successfully the male half of our native celebrities. All the more that they stop at her microphone by their own will.

She also has no problem with famous ladies who generously appraise her natural beauty and intellect.

Photo: Cveti Dilcheva

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