Collection 'Mandalika' - a handcrafted designs by Zaskia Sungkar during the CFWNY

'I want to make all the women in full hijab looks classy'

Zaskia Sungkar is an Indonesian actress, singer and dancer - a well-known celebrity in the world of Indonesian entertainment.

After using the hijab, Zaskia realize that her passion is in the field of fashion and she decided to build a fashion industry. She establish a fashion label called 'HF by Zaskia Sungkar'. HF stands for 'Hijabi Fashionistas' which interprets the clothing line are for moslem women, although everyone could also wear it.

Collection 'Mandalika' - a handcrafted designs by Zaskia Sungkar during the CFWNY
Zaskia Sungkar is going to make her first appearance at Couture Fashion Week New York (February 13-15, 2015) at 4:00 pm on Saturday February 14, 2015 in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway.

She will present her latest collection called 'Mandalika', inspired by the grace and beauty of Princess Mandalika, a mythical character from legends told in Nusa Tenggara Barat, a province in Indonesia.

For her garments, Zaskia use only the finest handmade fabrics, made with a special wooden tool requiring exceptional skills. It can take around a month to make a piece of fabric 3 meters long, and the total processing time can be about 3 months (depending on the color details and pattern of the fabric).

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