Modern Heels Merge Style with Comfort & Pair with Accessories

Modern Heels Merge Style with Comfort & Pair with Accessories

One of the major modern myths of our time is the idea that all high-heeled shoes are uncomfortable or difficult to wear. In truth many high-heeled shoes are in fact uncomfortable, but these days discomfort is the exception not the rule. Some doctors even say comfortable high heels may be the solution to back problems and posture. Ultimately when it comes to the level of comfort or discomfort of any shoe including heels, has much more to do with the quality of the shoe. This usually means the higher the price, the more comfortable the shoe, the more stylish it is. There are many iconic shoes that are fashionable and stylish, as can been seen here in this great infographic, and these stylish and popular shoes have influenced the comfortable high heels that are seen all over the world today.

Bold Colours
Shoes with bold colours really stand out when you are walking down the street. For those of us in business or the professional world a strong pair of shoes says I mean business. Further nothing shows more confidence in the work place to other women and men than being able to walk like you mean it in a pair of high-heeled shoes. Much of this confidence comes from how we feel, and how we feel is heavily impacted by what we wear.

Modern Heels Merge Style with Comfort & Pair with Accessories

Large Heels
A larger heel is a practical solution for a woman who simply cannot handle the thin points of stilettos and other more convention heels. In fact there are some larger heel shoes out that use optical illusion to make the shoes look like they are regular thin heels, when in fact they are large platform heels. This allows the shoes to have the comfort and support of a platform with the look of a traditional heel.

Modern Heels Merge Style with Comfort & Pair with Accessories

Paired With…
One of the reasons we women like to buy a new pair of shoes is because of the many options we have to pair them up with our existing outfits and accessories. It also gives us a little added incentive to go out and purchase more accessories and handbags to add to our wardrobe. After all a pair of shoes is only as good as what it is paired with.

Jewelry – There is plenty of fun costume jewelry that can be paired with your shoes. Often pieces can be found that match a variety of styles and colours, nicely complimenting any shoes or outfits you decide to wear. Nice pieces include earrings that can be seen when wearing a coat, and necklaces that can be seen when the coat is removed.

Hand Bags – Nothing goes better in fashion than walking down the street in professional dress wearing a great pair of high heels, and a matching handbag. This killer style combination can be further matched with belts jewelry and watches.

Belts – Lastly, what is a great outfit without a good solid belt? This can be used to visually enhance your breasts and creates a slimming quality when walking along. Heels also help to make you look thin by forcing your diaphragm inward.

Modern Heels Merge Style with Comfort & Pair with Accessories

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