Little black dress – lets break the prejudice!

Little black dress – lets break the prejudice Everyone heard about it – „the little black dress” – example for style and elegance. Since the time of Coco Chanel until now it can be found in the wardrobe of every second woman and that is not accidental...

I would like to talk about a different silhouette of the „black dress” – the provocative! Chanel's evening dress was presented for the first time in 1926. How does it look at that time? Very simple: with oval neckline and long narrow sleeves. And of course it is black! Today, 81 years later we decided to give a new look of this „eternal silhouette”. We used French lace, which we built into a fine elastic net with little brilliance... We „filled” the heart of the floral motives with black pearls... We „outlined” each element with more than 550 „Swarowski” stones...

Photo: Desislava Dencheva in the „small” black dress by Galinel

Photographer: Encho Naydenov
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