Nicole shot a stunning holiday photo session

Nicole shot a stunning holiday photo session The stunning model stood in front of the lens of the photographer Velislava Kaymakanova, in order to shoot the most glamorous photo session for the season. Dressed only in an exquisite coat from the collection Apolo Royal - with fur from lynx and fox, showered with Swarovski stones, Nicole perfectly played the role of a contemporary princess.

„I feel wonderful in this dress - shared the beauty during the photo session - Like a very special woman!”

The coat is really worn only by chosen - it is made by order and costs more than 7000 euro. The unique dress is already owned by women from Western Europe, Russia and Bulgaria.

The photos from Nicole's photo session wearing this designer jewel provoked furore in Russia, where they were published in the most prestigeous magazines for hunting equipment.

Photographer: Velislava Kaymakanova
Make up and hair: Silvia Stoycheva
Styling: Tedi Velinova

Coat: Apolo Royal
Jewelery: Swarovski
Interior: BATO
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