Tailor-made men's clothing brand "KITON" is now presented on SECOO

SECOO, the high-end service platform, announced to have received the official authorization of the world class tailor-made men's clothing brand "KITON", and SECOO began to play an important role as partner of KITON in China. The cooperation between the two parties is expected to be diversified and deep rather than focused on e-commerce. Customers had been able to buy KITON products by accessing www.secoo.com during SECOO Worldwide 1217 Luxury Festival.

Tailor-made men's clothing brand

The name KITON represents the world class tailor-made suits. KITON, an Italian brand from Naples, has received, since its debut, a lot of positive comments from customers for its classical, elegant and luxurious style, as well as respect and admiration for its carefully chosen fabrics and craftsmanship.

As one of the few brands in the world making business by rigorously following its traditional Naples handmade skills and workmanship, KITON has over 300 international tailor masters who craft handmade business suits with a limited production of no more than 20,000 suits per year. Also, the fabrics selected for making business suits are the most extraordinary and expensive in the world. All of these aspects fully reveal KITON as a world class luxury brand, always chasing extremely high quality for their products.

"Although products of KITON are sold at a very high price, we can't simply mark them as luxury products," remarked Antonio De Matteis, CEO of KITON.
"We do not craft luxury products, our concern is quality. Now, it seems that everyone is making luxury products, and the word 'luxury' is over mentioned, thus it seems to be an easy thing to do. It is our belief that quality is always the most important aspect, rather than whether or not a product is a luxury product. I personally disagree that 'luxury product' is a fashion term. The reason why our customers choose KITON is not for showing off, but it's a true expression of their style."

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