MARKAM FASHION started to present the Autumn/Winter 2008/09 collection

Markam Fashion offers for Autumn/ Winter 2008/09 a collection of 3 lines: City; In focus, and Exclusive.

City pursues the dynamic, contemporary woman in her leisure time making her feel naturally as well as comfortably in the line of "urbanized nomad." The accent is on the A and O silhouette. The fabrics are natural with fine body touch, velveteen, and leather over them.
In Focus is for the active, confident, positive woman. The silhouette is smart – clear line, perfect quality, composed elegance that strikes with respect. The fabrics are of high technological, modern, and futuristic kind, harmonized with natural materials.

Exclusive discovers the special woman, the special event – sparkling world, as of a stage, quality and luxury. The woman on the red carpet! The silhouette is classic and feminine, ultra-modern with surprising line and volume. The materials are exquisite and alien, with visual effects, varied surfaces.

The colors of the collection are compound, profound, and dramatic: color of patina – copper and silver, black and stone-coal, violet and red, purple and burgundy, and of course white.

MARKAM FASHION will present the Autumn / Winter 2008/09 collection "Look at yourself" at the following fairs and catwalk shows:

MARKAM FASHION started to present the Autumn/Winter 2008/09 collection20.01 - 21.01.08 - Showroom, Amsterdam, Stand 4.36

03.02 - 05.02.08 - Fashion Premiere, Salzburg. Hall B, stand 173. Catwalk shows: 03.02 & 04.02.08

07.02 - 10.02.08 – CIFF, Copenhagen, Hall C 4 , stand 009B

10.02 - 12.02.08 - CPD, Dusseldorf, Hall 10, stand A31. Catwalk shows: 10.02 – 12.02.08, Hall 11, at 12.00 hrs & 15.00hrs

13.02 - 15.02.08 - Style, Brno, Hall V, stand 134. Catwalk shows: 13.02 – 15.02.08,
Hall G2 at 10.30 hrs & 15.00hrs

27.02 - 28.02.08 - Fashion Premiere, Vienna, Hall B3 / 1st floor, stand 208

26.02 - 29.02.08 - CPM, Moscow, Hall 8.3, stand B06.

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