Virginia Zdravkova is invited to be the official designer of the Bulgarian finalists for Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade

The performers of the hit song „DJ, Take Me Away”, Deep Zone Project and Balthazar trusted completely Virginia Zdravkova in the development of their scene costumes. They will present our country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 that will take place in Belgrade on 24 May.

The spectators chose the most original song and it requires modern and extravagant styling.

After the designer took after the style of the leader of "Evro BG Vizia" Aksinia the National television decided to trust her on the looks of the group for the finals in Serbia.

The winners attracted the attention of the Bulgarian audience by combining the dance sound, technical break and the angel voice of the singer Yoana. Namely their individuality will be kept in their apparel, but with elements and colours that unite their whole vision and their aim - victory for Bulgaria on Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

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