Sartoria Italiana at Couture Fashion Week

SARTORIA ITALIANA represents a daring mix of “Tomorrow’s Fashion Today” with “Classic Fashion Forever” with its experienced, young designer, tailor and owner Giovanni Cicciotti, a name you will hear much more of in the future.

Sartoria Italiana at Couture Fashion Week

SARTORIA ITALIANA is one of the exhibitor-sponsors of the 2012 Couture Fashion Week this year, with its men’s boutique showroom based in Torino, Italy since 2001, and Mr. Cicciotti has been working with a highly distinguished clientele for over 15 years throughout Italy, Eastern Europe, and Asia, including Italy’s #1 Professional Soccer Team JUVENTUS’s Head Coach, Antonio Conte. Giovanni Cicciotti is premiering his collection of 100% handmade, Italian, made-to-measure shirts and suits in his exhibit in NYC for the first time.

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