Don’t Miss out on the Opportunity of Attending Cheltenham Festival

One has to bear in mind the fact that the most amazing time of year for Brits is rapidly approaching as the Cheltenham Festival is just around the corner. There are a lot of activities which can be done at the popular festival and it is regarded as one of the most awesome occasion to socialize with friends and meet new people but they are also in for a treat as no other festival offers such display of horse racing.

The festival has become one of the most important date to bookmakers as well as to those who are looking for a great opportunity to socialize. Men’s fashion is on a whole other level during the festival as the most exquisite gentlemen gather around to socialize and exchange ideas. The highlight of the festival is the Cheltenham Gold Cup which is only won by legendary horses.

Men's Fashion

Amazing Display of World-Class Horse Racing
The Gold Cup is surely dubbed as the blue ridband event which takes place in the Cheltenham Festival, the opening day which is commonly referred as the Champions Day is the most important day to participate in as it is widely considered the festival’s main highlight. The atmosphere which builds up in the scope of being highly anticipated will only lead to spectators seeing amazing horse racing to its full extent which also has world-class recognition.
The day is comprised of seven important races but the hurdle race takes home the crown in terms of it being the most anticipated out of them all. Not only is it the best race in the whole National Hunt season but it is also the one not to be missed in terms of it having agreements with the most important bookmakers.

Opportunities for Ladies to Enjoy
The second day of the Cheltenham Festival is indeed extremely special in terms of it being dedicated to women’s racing. Not only is it a great day for both fashion addicts because it is considered being half-fashion day half-race event but is also an object of grave importance in terms of festival aficionados being attracted by the thousands in order to see the girls compete against each other for victory.

The event is associated with fashion as those who attend the Cheltenham are always wearing high-fashion as well as gaudy outfits to the event in order to confer a feeling of exquisiteness as well as high class to the event. Ladies Day makes no exception as it attracts extremely important attendees and royalty is always present at this festival.

The highlight of the Lady Day’s events is the Queen Mother Champion chase which is entirely dedicated to Princess Diana. Some outstanding displays of racing and high class are always going to be present thus making the Cheltenham Festival an event which is not to be missed.

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