Most Stylish Men April 2017 winners

The Top 5 Most Stylish Men April 2017 are already known. Here they are:

BGFN Readers' Most Stylish Men April 2017 are announced

1st place: - Emilio Rivera - 50,11 %
2nd place: - Adam Lambert - 16,45 %
3rd place: - David Garrett - 15,27 %
4th place: - Tommy Flanagan - 7,31 %
5th place: - Andrea Bocelli - 3,55 %

BGFN Most Stylish Men is a global readers' voting aiming to show all stylish men, who dress to impress in addition to their professional achievements and social responsible behavior.

Most Stylish Men voting is now open so that you can select your favorites for May, 2017.

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