An answer to the increasing demand of sustainable fabrics

Angelico proposes a concrete answer to the increasing demand of sustainable fabrics.

The focus on environmental sustainability - increasingly requested by fashion houses and by an eco-friendly market sector -  gains a concrete dimension, with a series of treatments inspired by nature.
Lanolin, a totally natural substance produced by the processing of wool, gives fibres a soft, delicate and luxurious feel and does not require chemical additions. A genuine return to the original character of the fibre; alongside this is the beeswax finish, which has a similar effect on cotton fabrics.

Angelico Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 fabrics collection - The future of fabrics

The collection develops a new technological idea of Performance. Here’s a new generation of suits and travel jackets, in which carefree elegance sits side by side with functionality: elasticised fabrics and stretch and bi-stretch twill for suits and trousers.

This fabric offers the advantage of wool fibre’s heat-regulating qualities, and the unique style of Biella tradition. Thanks to nanomolecular treatments which leave pH and hand intact, the fabric acquires showerproof and stain-proof properties to give a naturally waterproof surface that does not interfere with the wool’s natural breathability and resilience. The nanotechnology anti-crease finish, meanwhile, means the garment can be machine-washed at 30°C.

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