Justice triumphs

Triumph for the justice promises the world leader in the production of women’s underwear “Triumph International”. Every year the Japanese head office of the brand “winks” with smile and imagination at its admirers, as it creates original bras, devoted to actual social problems. This year the change of the judicial system in Japan, planned for 2009, attracted the attention of the company. To quicken the social interest and to help the faster integration of the new system, “Тriumph” created Jury System Bra. It won’t be distributed in a mass, but it will be presented with collection spring-summer 2009 of the brand. The most noticeable element of Jury System Bra of “Triumph” are the cups that are inspired from the scale of the justice. They can be tightened with the help of the shoulder-straps and the chains at the back. Cups can be used as weighing pans that can be suspended by the straps and chain at the back.

The saturated gold color gives the model more authentic and impressive look, and the reversible black and white pads symbolize the guilt and the innocence.
The trim skirt is a part of the model and is made of the same silky material, from which the judicial togas are sewed. It can be worn as short mantle. The ribbon at the waist is inspired by the white scarves, worn by the women judges. From the back side of the pants are embroidered the Japanese characters for „equality”, to provoke the civil judicial responsibility.

Photo: Jury System Bra

Photo: © Archive “Triumph”

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