Your Guide to a Stylish Wedding Proposal

When you become engaged, the proposal story will be very important to your bride. She will tell the story to friends, family, and even random strangers. So, it has to be good. You want a proposal as stylish as you are. Here are some ideas to help you get it just right:

How to Propose with Style

Select the Right Ring

It’s true that your love and commitment to each other are most important, but the ring is a symbol of that. It shows that you are truly committed to a long-term communion with your spouse-to-be. It also indicates how well you know the recipient.

Diamonds are the traditional gemstone of choice, typically set in a classic, vintage setting. However, they’re not for everyone. There are other stylish choices that might be better suited to your bride, such as a sapphire.

“Sapphire engagement rings have been the leading non-diamond engagement ring for over 130 years,” explains a page from Estate Diamond Jewelry, a company that collects rare museum-grade jewelry to sell. “The sapphire is also one of the most desirable stones in the world.”

Choose the Location

The location of your proposal will set the tone for the event. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be if you want to deliver a unique experience that marks the occasion as truly special. A nice restaurant or botanical garden, for example, are popular options.

In other cases, it may be better to use a symbolic location. For example, you might propose in the place you first met or a location that had a particularly memorable event, such as where you shared your first kiss.

If you know your spouse-to-be loves the limelight, a public event may be the best choice. For instance, you might pay to put your proposal on the jumbotron at a basketball game. This showy option isn’t for everyone, so make sure this is something she’ll really enjoy before proceeding.

You know your bride-to-be best. She might be more comfortable at home with the ring hidden in a takeout box than in a public setting. Ultimately, choose the location that will mean the most to her.

Fit the Relationship

Wedding proposals can go terribly wrong if you don’t consider the personalities of those involved.

“When it comes to considering marriage proposal ideas, the way you pop the question should reflect both you and your partner’s personalities,” writes Jacqueline Tynes of Wedding Wire, making a multitude of suggestions for popping the question according to your couple personality.

“If you both love the spotlight, propose in a dramatic way,” she continues. “If you prefer quiet evenings at home, keep your proposal simple and more intimate. While your proposal will be memorable no matter how you do it, it’s best to make your partner feel comfortable and in his or her element.”

Hire a Photographer

The moment you pop the question stands to be one of the most romantic and memorable nights of your lives. It marks a new beginning, but all too often, the moment fades as your lives move on.

Hire a photographer to capture the moment she says yes. Most photographers have experience with this type of photography, and have no problem hiding in the bushes or using a long-range lens to capture the event from afar.

If you’re trying to minimize your proposal budget to make more room for your ring budget, ask a friend to take the photos. Ask someone with a nice camera and a steady hand, since cell phone photos likely won’t come out as nicely.

Keep It a Surprise

In most cases, no matter how much your bride says she doesn’t like surprises, she’s probably lying. Most brides adore the surprise of the wedding proposal, especially because it’s probably a topic that’s come up a few times. She might know you’re planning to pop the question, but you can still keep it a surprise.

This may require gathering a few accomplices. Friends, sisters, cousins, or anyone else who’s close to her can help you engineer a perfect wedding proposal without her suspecting a thing. Just make sure you choose someone reliable who will support your efforts without spilling the beans.

With these ingredients for a successful proposal, you can’t go wrong. You know your spouse-to-be better than anyone, so if you’re ready to show your commitment and plan an event that she will love, you’ll be set for success.

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