2024 Retail Trends at Spring Fair - Home, Gift and Fashion

Spring Fair, the UK's largest and most inspirational retail trade shows for Home, Gift and Fashion, has re-launched Inside Retail, the digital destination for content about the retail industry including the latest trends and sustainability news accessible all year round at https://www.springfair.com/inside-retail.

Retail Trends

Designed to help retailers supercharge their industry knowledge, Inside Retail features exclusive interviews with business insiders and partners, blog posts on key retail topics, as well as follow-up articles from Spring Fair’s renowned live content stages. Watch video interviews and discover insightful content to help drive business growth and deliver a great customer experience.

Retail Trends

This month’s exciting edition of Inside Retail provides the insights, forecasts and how-tos to elevate success covering topics from sustainability to retail’s sixth sense. The latest blog A Glimpse of the 2024 Retail Trends provides a snapshot of the key developments defining the 2024 retail industry. From the rise of experiential shopping to the integration of AI-powered solutions, the retail industry is constantly changing. As technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, and global events shape and reshape the industry, Inside Retail takes a closer look at some of the trends influencing the current landscape.

Products that Change Lives

Meet the jewellery brand that’s giving back! Discover how Vurchoo Jewellery founder Alex Angel-Benscher is changing lives by blending creativity and social impact. Formerly a graffiti artist, Alex launched this revolutionary business in 2015. Now, Vurchoo has grown to become a successful jewellery brand with products in more than 40 stores across the UK.

Retail Trends

Exclusive interview with Brityard

Meet immersive retail collective, Brityard. Their founder, Lara Gibson-Chant chats about how they are reimagining the high-street through community and connection.

Retail Trends

Navigating the future of retail

Kris Hamer, Director of Insights at the British Retail Consortium (BRC), shares his projections for what the year ahead holds for the UK retail market. Transforming the retail experience Ambience Director, Stephen Spencer shares his knowledge for how ‘ambience’ can have a transformative effect on your customers’ instore experiences by utilising the sixth sense.

Retail Trends

Unlock the potential of white label products

Explore what it takes to be part of a private label collaboration, how to launch a white label brand and why this could be the key to business growth.

Retail Trends

Shaping retail’s tomorrow

From circular economy design to consumer empowerment, sustainability expert, Helena Mansell-Stopher from Products of Change shares her strategies for navigating sustainability in retail.

Retail Trends

Lesser & Pavey: Taking the lead on green gifting

The iconic gift and homeware supplier are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability among their product ranges this year. Learn more about how they're doing it.

Retail Trends

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