Roberta Armani has praised the fashion sense of Katie Holmes

Roberta Armani has praised the fashion sense of Katie Holmes The niece of Giorgio Armani - who is the director of public relations for the famous Italian fashion house - thinks more people should experiment with their clothes like the 30-year-old actress.

Roberta said: "Don't be scared to be bold. My friend Katie Holmes wore some amazing bright blue shoes with an orange Armani Prive dress last year to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York - she looked fantastic."

Roberta's role in the fashion house is to recommend pieces to celebrities, in the hope of them wearing Armani gowns and suits to special events.

As well as helping famous faces choose the perfect piece to complement their figure, she also gives tips on how to accessorise for an important night out.

She explained to Britain's Grazia magazine: "Don't make too many statements. A show-stopping gown doesn't need major hair. Likewise, keep jewellery to a minimum. My uncle lives by the mantra 'less is more'. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, 'Is everything I have on performing a function? Is it all really necessary?' If not, remove it.

"Don't rush getting ready, and keep a fragrance just for special occasions. I keep one aside for red-carpet moments. It adds to the drama and excitement of what is to come."
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