It's 63 Years Since The Invention Of The Bikini

63 years ago on 5th July 1946 designer Louis Reard manufactures the first pair of bikini- in a two piece swimsuit, revealing the breasts for the joy of all men.

Although a scandal followed immediately after their unveiling this wasn't the first time a woman appears in such skimpy clothes in public.

In 2nd century BC women, inhabiting the land where Romania currently is wore a primitive form of bra and panties which can't be seen anywhere on the beaches in present day. Nowadays the strict code of swim wear (which included covering from head to toe) was relieved of restrictions after the 1900s.

In 1907 Australian swimmer Anett Kelerman who supported hydrodynamic wear for appearing indecent in public after appearing on a beach in Boston dressed in sleeveless swimsuit. A court battle followed which lead to reducing the restriction for swimsuits.

Until 1915 American women wear a one piece bathing suits. In a way the two-piece bathing suit causes less hysteria than the bikini model.

In the beginning of the 40s movie stars like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Lana Turner all wear a two-piece. The midriff is still considered "virgin territory".

Bridget Bardo is photographed in bikini in Kan in 1953 when this type of bathing suit is getting popular on the French beaches. In USA it was still viewed with suspicion because it has the reputation of clothing worn only by Mediterranean people and those of questionable morale. Never the less after only three summers the bikini become common sight on the American beaches.

This trend continues into the present.
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