Elle Macpherson is "grateful" to be nicknamed 'The Body'

The supermodel-turned-designer insists the tag she was given in honour of her curvy figure has helped her get ahead with her business ventures.

She said: "'The Body' is my brand, it's been a wonderful gift. I've used that moniker to my advantage and I'm incredibly grateful for the people who still perpetuate it."

The Australian beauty also credited her nationality for giving her the characteristics needed to succeed with her underwear line.

She added: "I'm curious - and perhaps somewhat forward-thinking, somewhat entrepreneurial, in that I can think outside the box. I think a lot of that as to do with being Australian.

"We have to be creative because while we have lots of natural resources, we don't have the resource of a huge population and being close to the rest of the world. So we tend to take risks."

Despite her extensive experience in the fashion industry, Elle, 46, insists she still has a lot to learn.

She told Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I'm the creative director of my company and it's my baby. I'm the only person in this business who's been here for 20 years. I know it like the back of my hand, and yet I'm always humble enough to be taught things by other people."

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