Bulgarian design assaults Paris

Bulgarian fashion brand Doychinoff will take part in Paris' fashion week this year for the first time.

Bulgarian design assaults Paris “Co-evolution occurs when two or more biological species influence each other to their evolution.” This sentence is on the top of the new catalog cover of designer Maria Doychinova, which presents her last collection, named Symbion. “It is symbiosis between arts and fashion. We worked with two artists Iskren Iliev and Iliana Nagel. We make one closed circle , in which on one side their paintings were inspiration for me, and at the other side created huge paintings 2x2 metres, connected with my collection”, explains Doychinova. One of her dresses represents vertical deposition of silluettes of human faces, which gives 3D and surrealistic look. Born in Sofia Doychinova leaves in 1995 to Austria to study at Wien's Academy of applied arts. There world famous designers were her teachers like Victor & Rolf and Belgium designer Raff Simens, whom works at the moment for Jill Sander's brand. Later she went to London, where she worked for fashion coryphaeus like Roland More and Husein Chalayan. Today young designer make clothes for her own brand Doychinoff in Wien. With her new collection Symbion Doychinova will participate in prestigious Fashion Week in Paris. /BGNES

Wien / Austria

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