Claudia Schiffer will never have plastic surgery

  Claudia Schiffer will never have plastic surgery

The German supermodel can't understand why some people decide to go under the knife as she would be worried about the impact it might have on her health.

She said: "I would never have plastic surgery, as I'd be worried about the long-term effects. Ageing is part of life and I think everyone must accept that looks will change."

To ensure she looks as good as possible, Claudia, 39, tries to eat healthily.

If she has the choice she will always opt for organic food, and tries to have carbohydrates for lunch and stick to proteins, like meat or fish, for dinner.

She also has a strict skin-care regime, and tries not to pile on make-up when she isn't working.

She explained: "I always moisturise and brush my hair before leaving the house - and I won't step out without my sunglasses. I also don't blow-dry my hair 100 per cent - I leave it a bit damp so it becomes more texturised and less fluffy."

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