Vanessa Williams is worried her face will be "frozen" by Botox.

Vanessa WilliamsThe 'Ugly Betty' actress, who admits having the skin-smoothing injections, works hard to maintain her appearance but is keen to ensure she still looks natural.

She told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper: "Look, I'm 46 years old, but I'm still in the game. I work hard at it. I need to look good. But I asked a lot of questions first about Botox. I told the dermatologist that I don't want to be frozen. As an actress I need to have expression in my face. But it doesn't hurt."

The US star is currently working alongside the manufacturers of Botox Cosmetic, which is donating $250,000 to the Dress for Success campaign.

Vanessa told RadarOnline: "They came to me with this great opportunity to combine awareness with non-profit. We've got a licensed dermatologist and we address women's issues and any questions they have about Botox."

Dress For Success aims to help disadvantaged women succeed in the workplace.

Vanessa has Botox to help slow down the aging process, adding she also exercises and eats healthily to keep her looking and feeling great.

She explained: "I want to maintain the way I look as opposed to looking different. I need to look natural because I'm in front of a camera all the time.

"Do I get nervous about getting into a bikini? Of course! I break into a cold sweat! And the older you get, the more terrifying it becomes!"

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