Collection 2010 of Atelier Simon - combination of retro aristocratism and contemporary youthful style

Atelier SIMON made a photo session 2010 with the model Iva Yankulova from Ivet Fashion. The photographer Dilyana Florentin succeeded to catch the artistic look of designer Gergana Simeonova and to bring us in the atmosphere of retro aristocratism, skillfully combined with contemporary youthful style.

The models look like taken from the movie "Titanic" bring us in the exquisite and mysterious world of the past times.

For the vision of the models took care the coiffures from "Fetish Hear Studio", the unexceptionable make up was done by Boni.

  Collection 2010 of Atelier Simon

  Collection 2010 of Atelier Simon

  Collection 2010 of Atelier Simon

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