Merilin Monroe and Barack Obama portraits made of jewels

 Merilin Monroe and Barack Obama portraits made of jewels

The British mosaic artists and jewel cutters spend weeks carefully recreating photos using a selection of diamonds and precious gemstones.

Each 0.25 carat diamond and stone has a round brilliant cut finish and is hand-set into silver, gold or platinum of the customer's choice.

Portraits start from around 20cm x 20cm and contain at least 2600 stones such as sapphires, amethysts and peridots.

The biggest image Gemstone Creative has made so far measures around 60cm x 60cm and contains an extraordinary 22 500 stones.

Prices start at £25 000 for a small portrait made of semi-precious stones but company co-founder Mark Hirschel says it is easy to break the £1 million.

Less wealthy customers can buy a portrait made from Swarovski Crystals for a more modest £2700.
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