Luxurious Anemone ring

Линията Versus на Versace се завръща

Coral, branches, cork, fruit and other natural elements are inexhaustible fonts of inspiration for Daniela De Marchi, from which her refined collection of jewelry takes life.

The unusual initial choice to use silver, bronze and copper permitted Daniela to have total liberty with volume and shapes; with time this transformed into the emblem of contemporary jewelry, sophisticated and mature, now free from the creative/economic restrictions imposed by precious metals.

A particular alchemical process brought to fruition by the designer gave birth to Dropage, a patented texture that runs throughout her collection like a common language, recognizable in the evolution of form. An international name materialized from global linguistics, where the word embodies the English “drop”, but pronounced with a French accent to underscore voluptuousness.

Dropage is a procedure applied to the lost wax technique: using heat to bring the wax to a liquid state and then brought back again to a solid state in tiny spherical shapes (or drops), forged one by one.

Silver, bronze, and copper are denuded from their natural shine to assume new chromatic shades and warm highlights.

Burnishes and varnishes offer the possibility of choosing every model in at least twenty different colors of metal, that when carefully selected to match natural stones such as agate, jade, quartz and many others, permits every single client to personally compose their own jewelry.

The light and the color of the materials melt perfectly into a highly personal style between modern and antique, where a reminder of nature is always present.

Photos: Model of the luxury brand DANIELA DE MARCHI - the Anemone ring
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