MANUEL BOZZI…PUMP UP THE VOLUME The designer MANUEL BOZZI continues in his unusual run and continues "to joke" with the luxury in a jewel and desecrating tribute to the rock.

The constant call to music, united to the indissoluble bond with the deepest feelings of the soul, from life to a new duality which expresses itself in the "Volume Pendant", jewel with a subtle symbolic meaning.

Technically realized as a real potentiometre, the “Volume Pendant” can really be applied to any electric guitar to regulate its volume and embellish its image with a precious jewel.

Made of sterling silver, the Volume Pendant has a deep symbolic meaning: worn it and it abandons on the heart, as to represent the volume of the soul, expression of internal "sounds", of the feelings, personal emotions, love moods.

The designer underlines: " [...] it belong from the idea 'of being able to regulate the volume of our internal world.' It is a strong enough sounds good like my rock”.

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