Men prefer natural beauty over make-up

Men prefer natural beauty over make-up Which part of the female body instantly nails the eyes of men? To answer this question experts asked men personally.

In the U.S. were asked 100 randomly encountered on the street boys what part of the female body first attracts their attention. 81% of men responded that they first look at the eyes of a woman and lips are noticed second.

As for the preferences on the ladies makeup men unanimously prefer dark, well-marked eyes. Maybe they like the “smoky eyes”, but definitely they are repelled by fake eyelashes. Men want to see the real beauty of the woman, and that’s why they prefer everything to be natural.

“More feminine is if the girl has a light make-up” – respondents share. This means they care about their looks. Men still can not understand why women insist to wear lipstick matching the color of the shoes. For him the natural color of her lips is sexier, ready for kissing.

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