London Jewellery Week 2010

London Jewellery Week 2010 London Jewelry Week was opened with a glitzy launch party on Monday night, showcasing the best of young British designers.

At a glamorous cocktail in Goldsmiths’ Hall, some of the leading Britain’s top jewelry designers showed off their latest creations in silver, gold and diamonds. They said that they hoper London Jewelry Week would become as mainstream a feature on the British social calendar as London Fashion Week.

The third edition of London Jewelry Week is running until June 13. It is a series of events taking place across the capital, featuring designers’ latest collections, as well as educational seminars.

"We need a real showcase for our design skills and craftsmanship. This event should end up, we hope, like a London Fashion Week for the jewelry industry" said designer David Marshall.

Well-known luxury jewelers have shifted into silver, as gold prices have soared to record heights.

Photo: Model of Swarovski, showcased during London Jewellery Week 2008
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