Kate Moss calls in a medium to clear the demons from her house

Kate Moss calls in a medium to clear the demons from her house Super model Kate Moss has hired an exorcist to clear her London home from the "evil spirits". The model believes that her home is haunted and has called in a medium to deal with the problem.

The model, who lives in North London with her boyfriend Jamie Hins and 7-year-old daughter Lila Grace, has hired a medium to clear the bad energy, that haunts the property over the past few months.

"Her fella Jamie Hince is a believer in the supernatural and has persuaded her there is bad energy in the house which needs to be removed by a shaman priest," a source told The Sun. "She has found one who will perform a ceremony to cleanse the place."

Moss' home was burgled back in May when a thief stole a valuable artwork - by guerilla artist Banksy. The raid was followed by a sewerage flood, which caused £100,000 - worth of damage and destroyed a collection of model's shoes and priceless photos.

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