Tyra Banks show ignited a scandal in the U.S.

Tyra Banks show ignited a scandal in the U.S. TV star Tyra Banks has come under fire for promoting unrealistic thin bodies in commercials for her hit modeling reality show America’s Next Top Model.

The contestant, who was with a shockingly thin waist and proudly boasted that she has the “smallest waist in the world”, was praised by Banks. The TV show star came under fire from bloggers after the clip featuring the 19-year-old model Ann, that shows Banks tell the judges:
"There's something about her that I like."

Tyra Banks apologized for the controversial promo and responded to the negative feedback.
“In an effort to create a fun and entertaining sneak peek of the upcoming cycle, America’s Next Top Model released a trailer that was edited in way that misconstrued our overarching message,” Tyra Banks said in a statement.

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