FashionPhilosophyFashion Week Poland will present spring-summer 2011 trends

FashionPhilosophyFashion Week Poland will  present spring-summer 2011 trends FashionPhilosophyFashion Week Poland is the greatest, periodical fashion event In Poland. This autumn we are going to present spring-summer 2011 trends. FashionPhilosophy confronts Polish market with foreign clothing industry. Informs and inspires designers. Fashion Week is also a platform of communication for the branch managers, technologists, clothing manufacturers, stylists, media reps, fashion agents and traders. It supports cooperation, fusion and transfer.

The up-coming event is divided into individual categories: best Polish designers' fashion shows /Designers' Avenue, photo exhibitions/ Young Fashion Photographers Now, off fashion shows/Off-Out of schedule/, presentations /Showroom, Art Academy Gala, seminars and lectures /Let Them Know-including world known Nelly Rodi (French company) training.

Many accompanying events add spelnour to Polish Fashion Week - Re-Act Fashion Show, Manufaktura Fashion Week/Fast Fashion 2010. Thousands of fashionists will come to Łódź between 12 and 17 October and visit magical venues: Manufaktura, Central Museum of Textiles, Geyer White Factory and old factories: Bielnik and Elektrownia in Opal Property Developments complex.

Fashion Week project seemed to be awaited for years. The event's winning in the "Łódź Sukcesu" or extremely valuable for the premiere event award "Elle Style Awards 2009" in category Greatest Fashion Event are the best confirmation of this thesis.

Events related to Fashion Week are in the centre of interest of photographers, many Polish and international fashion journalists (from Fashion Insider, Euronews or Fashion TV), TV stations, newspapers and fashion websites. In May 2010 more than 200 press and television journalists got the accreditation while the events related to Fashion Week Poland were covered in 12 television stations.

The first edition was personally honored by the worldwide well-known authority of the fashion journalism, Diane Pernet. The guests of honor during the 2nd edition were Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Kenzo Takada and Patrizia Gucci.

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