Belt, encrusted with diamonds from Akillis

Belt, encrusted with diamonds from Akillis In 2009, Gucci took pride in debuting to the fashion world, the world’s most expensive belt. And is the way in the fashion world, it was a given that someone would eventually challenge this feat. Giving stiff competition to the Gucci belt and vying to become the world’s most expensive belt is this exquisite belt from luxury French jewelry designer Akillis.

Retailing at $55,700(£35,560-€40,000), the alligator leather belt with a buckle made from empty Kalasnikov rifle bullets that have been encrusted with diamonds.

Caroline Gaspard, chief executive of Akillis, said: “People who buy into ultra-luxury are in it for the image and price is definitely not an object of contention for such people. My clientele pay for the uniqueness of my designs.”

Belt, encrusted with diamonds from Akillis

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