GUATEQUECACAHUETE Spring/Summer 2012 collection

The funny brand of fresh, singular and vintage inspiration designs GUATEQUECACAHUETE has just released it’s new Collection Spring/Summer 2012 “Lorraine returns to the past”.

The Collection is characterized by a set of fifties and sixties dresses, extremely becoming and sexy.

GUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collectionGUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collection

The Strong colours like yellow, blue or red claim the happiness of living of a woman of suggestive necklines and sharp lines thanks to a perfect and studied patterns that knows how to take out the best of each figure.

The essence of GUATEQUECACAHUETE is an inspiration of old times, especially in the fifties and sixties. Because of that, in all of their collections abound the sharp halter necklines, the evasé skirts and the market waists.

GUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collectionGUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collection

All of the collections of GUATEQUECACAHUETE  are designed, patterned and made in Spain on a detailed and careful way. The added value of an GUATEQUECACAHUETE is always the textiles used, being always of high quality. The productions of GUATEQUECACAHUETE are always limited, and this gives to all the clothes the characteristic degree of exclusivity.

GUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collection

GUATEQUECACAHUETE - Spring-Summer 2012 collection

We can already shop this new Collection Spring/Summer 2012 at the web site of the brand:

Photography: DANNY DIEZ

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