Fashion trends 2012 for future moms

Fashion trends 2012 for future momsStylists believe that women of any age and in any situation can follow fashion trends and pregnant women are not an exception.

This years top trend for future moms are long beach dresses in bright colours and wide enough to ensure freshness and convenience. This model is a simple way to look chic even in late pregnancy. Celebrity moms are followers of this trend and it is about time all women to follow their example.

The main tips for choosing a dress are connected with the colour shades. Bright colours should be used on the places you want to underline. Comfortable shorts are another proposal for the season, they are in various colour combinations. The hottest will be the blue and orange line.

Retro style is also in fashion - a straw hat, knitted shoes with low soles are wonderful accessories for hot days.

Fashion trends 2012 for future momsFashion trends 2012 for future momsFashion trends 2012 for future moms


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