Compliments increase the confidence of women

Compliments increase the confidence of womenBritish study shows that women spend more than 13,000 pounds throughout his life to beauty products to feel good.

It found that the factors that most increased confidence are free. A compliment from a friend or a partner is first on the list of things that make women feel good. It is followed by the perfect hair and looking good in a picture.

Smile from a stranger, a hug and the confession "I love you" make women feel attractive and confident also. Researchers found that 40% of girls immediately become more confident if you look good in a picture. Another 40% say that they feel fine after an uninterrupted night's sleep.

The study found out that 42% of girls have more confidence if they have smooth legs and 33% are happy if say them that they look younger. Most women follow a strict diet to go from home confident but the same effect have a simple hug from a child, the boyfriend, the husband, a family member or a friend.

Many women admitted that the ideal hairstyle makes them confident- a new haircut or a change in a hair color. Fresh manicure, thin eyebrows and wearing clothes that highlight their best features also make women feel amazing.

Bad night's sleep is what mostly collapsed confidence of women. Waking up with bad hair and skin makes 40% of women feel awful, and 38% feel depressed, if someone told them they were five or ten years older than the actual.

So, dear ladies the be confident enough and show this every minute.


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