Cheryl Cole likes the sports wear

Cheryl Cole likes the sports wear

The singer Cheryl Cole confesses the she like to wear sports clothes and no makeup.

Тhe star shot a promotional photo in a quite naturally look- with bound hair and almost no makeup. She said that she feels more comfortable in sport clothes. Furthermore, she does not forget the sunscreen. "There is nothing more comfortable than sweats tied hair and fresh face", said the singer.

Cheryl Cole defines some of her bad habits as her "vices"- drinking red wine and smoking cigarettes. "Drinking red wine and cigarettes harm most of my skin because they dehydrate it", says the singer. And yet, despite all efforts to look good Cheryl believes that it is more important to be beautiful from inside, not outside.

"I'm surrounded by many beautiful women but inwardly they are bad. Everything comes from within. Just the soul makes a woman beautiful," said the singer.


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