Fashion industry met in Poznań

The Poznań Fashion Fair – the largest business fashion industry event in Poland – has just finished.

During the three days of the Fair, the latest collections were presented by nearly 450 companies and brands from 16 countries. The largest group of visitors – apart from the traders from Poland – was that of the entrepreneurs from such countries as: Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The visitors could admire the collections at exhibitions and during author's and trade fashion shows. During the autumn edition, the YOUNG FASHION FOR SALE project was accomplished for the very first time, the aim of which is to promote young and talented designers. The following brands appeared on the catwalk and in the showrooms: Mimika, Drunklegends, BONJOUR AND KISS, Drobiny Czasu, KOD and FOORIAT. The unique style of the presented collections aroused a lot of interest of the visitors, numerous groups of whom gathered by the catwalk during the shows:

- The YOUNG FASHION FOR SALE project is a result of our efforts aimed at enhancing the market position of young and highly creative designers. The collections of the project participants were warmly welcomed by the public, so we hope that their participation in the Poznań Fashion Fair will bring them a number of benefits. We are pleased with the results and we have already started working on the next edition of YOUNG FASHION FOR SALE, which will be enriched with solutions proposed by young designers - says Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, the Director of the Poznań Fashion Fair.

On the first day of the Fair, the Polish Fashion Gala took place, during which Silver and Gold Loop awards, as well as the TOP MODA mark, were awarded. During the event, the nine finalists of the nationwide Silver Loop competition presented their own collections on the catwalk. The award went to the hands of Weronika Jaworska, a student of garment industry school in Poznań. The collection by Weronika Jaworska entitled "and lead us not into temptation" is inspired by the history of Adam and Eve. The cuts and collection materials allude to the scene of Eve's temptation by the serpent.

Polish Academy of Fashion, for the very first time, gave the Gold Loop awards not to designers and manufacturers, but to those who contributed to the development of Polish fashion industry. The Gold Loop was awarded to: Rafał Bauer, the President of Próchnik S.A., and Joanna Przetakiewicz, the founder of the La Mania brand.

The jury also awarded the TOP MODA 2013 - TOP BRAND and the GOOD QUALITY AND FASHIONABLE DESIGN MARK. The winners of the TOP BRAND COMPETITION were the following companies: Salony Urody BEVERLY, Salony Fryzur i Stylizacji A. Chołota, Nissan Polody, Paper+Design, STRIMA Sp. z o.o. The GOOD QUALITY AND FASHIONABLE DESIGN MARK award was given to Aleksander Gliwiński, Elizabeth Passion, SHARK Błaszczyk-Szejko sp.j., Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe CYBINA, Próchnik S.A. and PPH SEMPER. During the gala event, the latest collections of the Próchnik, CYBINA, SEMPER and SHARK brands were presented on the catwalk.

Fashion industry met in Poznań

On the second day, the author's fashion shows by Olga Pollak-Olcha, Arnold Warchoł and the finalists of the Radom Air Fashion Show, Agnieszka Małek and Monika Makowska, were organized. The collection by Olga Pollak-Olcha, the founder of the La Robe brand, presented on the catwalk delighted the audience with its colours inspired by winter dusk. Arnold Warchoł, on the other hand, presented the "Womanity" collection, in which white was combined with black, and smooth fabric with patterned ones. Mature and original collections by Agnieszka Małek, "WyTWARZanie", and by Monika Makowska, "Kobiece Wnętrze", were greatly appreciated by the audience. During the Business Evening of the Poznań Fashion Fair, the MTP Gold Medals were awarded to products of the utmost quality. The jury awarded the MTP Gold Medal to:

The CARMELLI collection - coat model 16 and handbag model 183

BOCA Zbigniew Adamczyk , Radom

LARYSA leather jacket

Z.P.H.U. TOMSKÓR Helena Borzęcka, Bąków

SZYKOWNA NASTOLATKA (POSH TEENAGER) youth set - shorts, T-shirt and handbag

Zespół Szkół Skórzano-Odzieżowych, Stylizacji i Usług (The Complex of Leather, Clothing, Styling and Services Schools), Radom

HAWANA Briefcase

ORSO Nero Producent Galanterii Skórzanej, Raba Wyżna

School shoes model 33 4247 in the 31 – 36 size group

REN BUT sp. z o.o., Warszawa

Male shoes - model 3153

TRIO PL, Słupsk

KARMIN - pigskin lining

GARBARNIA NADARZYN Waldemar K. Malinowski, Nadarzyn

BRISTON KFT - a cosmetic set for leather and leather products cleaning and care, Hungary, the Applicant: BOSTON-BIS sp. j. Nowy Targ

Other prizes were awarded in the Modeus and Fashion Website Awards competitions. Jadwiga Szymanowska, the President of the Modeus Foundation, handed the awards to the winners of the competition for the design of notebook bags collection. Modeus 2013 awards were received by:

Dominika Jagiełło for "One's Laptop Cases" notebook bags collection - the Main Prize of Modeus 2013.

Monika Krauszowska-Bigos for the "Rubberbag" collection - Traders, Buyers and Bloggers' Awards.

Martyna Sztupecka for the "NEW ART-POP" bags collection - Manufacturers' Award.

And finally the websites, and were awarded the Fashion Website.

Awards, as the most professional websites in the fashion industry.

The next edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair will be held on February 26-28, 2014.

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