Kisses smooth wrinkles out and make people smarter

Kisses smooth wrinkles out and make people smarter Experts say that kissing is one of the effective ways for healing the body.

Medics note that kisses are useful especially for the cardiovascular system, said the profiled online edition

Thanks to them, blood circulation increases and brain cells receive more oxygen. That allows people to be more concentrated and in this way - smarter.

Kissing is good for the respiratory system, too. It makes you breathe more rapidly and purify the lungs, which start functioning better.

It's interesting that kisses fans visit a dentist more rarely. That is because kissing helps people to keep optimal acidity level in their mouth, which protects teeth from cavities.

Some researches show that kissing is good for the immunity as well, because it affects the production of neuropeptides in the body and they help it to cope with bacteria and viruses.

It should also be noted that the saliva contains antibiotics which are transmitted between two people during the kiss. These agents have anti-inflammatory properties, and protects the body from diseases.

Moreover kisses have a cosmetic effect. People who often kiss, have fewer wrinkles. Besides that one kiss burns around 30 calories.


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