Photographers' Exhibition has the effect of painting

The skillful, professional photography has the same effect as the works of painting and the plastic art. This maxim was proved once again on the joint exhibition "Photographers and ..." of Angle Pentchev (President of the Association of advertising photographers) and the well-known fashion photographer Temelko Temelkov. The gallery "Bratia Kadinovi" (Kadinovi brothers) in Sofia presented the marvelous works of the two photographers. The game - or it is better to say - the flirt with the light, with the interior and the human body, with fruits and different objects, is only a part of the creative challenges of the two authors.

Temelko Temelkov continues to amaze with his finds - new close-ups to the famous faces of the fashion stage and the searching of surprise in erotic, alienation and metamorphoses of appearance. Angel Pentchev uses an incredible technique to immortalize plums and figs, the different objects of the everyday life, adding charm and intransience even to the most ordinary things.

The exhibition was opened on the 11th December 2001 and it would stay open until 11th January 2002 for all who desire to enjoy the perfect and aesthetic works of the two artists-photographers Angel Pentchev and Temelko Temelkov.

Photographers © Temelko Temelkov and Angel Pentchev

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