Fashion and painting at the French Cultural Institute

* Maya Bogdanova prepares a fashion exhibition inspired by famous artists

The celebrated designer and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Maya Bogdanova presents fashion in paintings. The forthcoming exhibition “Fashion and Painting” at the French Cultural Institute, due to take place from the 22nd of April to the 5th of May 2003, combines the paintings of Giorgio de Chiriko, Paul Delveau , Frantishek Musica with Maya’s own works.

They are made of waterproof fabric, leatherette, aeroplast and linen, the complex geometric shapes are inspired by the art of origami.

Maya Bogdanova explores the similarities between the structure of the Bulgarian chemise and costume (triangle, trapezoid, rectangle) and a garment obtained through origami folding.

The colours are purple, red, orange, green, and dark green, with a transparent effect.

The project concept is based on the assumption that the garments can be combined delicately with the paintings, absorbing their energy.

Their complex structure creates the impression of a simple silhouette, and the setting adds to their expressiveness.

The designer is positive that painting is a major inspiration to fashion, and her new exhibition will illustrate her conviction. For the fashion portal she said: “With this collection, I would like to establish a connection between art and fashion, because like any art, fashion always seeks inspiration from other arts. I believe in the principle that “Art engenders art”!”


1. – 5. Designs by Maya Bogdanova included in the “Fashion and Art” exhibition

Photo: © Personal archive of Maya Bogdanova


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