The best shoes for kids from Europe can be found in the new shop SchuhK!ds

shoesThe shop SchuhK!ds offers a special selection of high quality shoes for children. SchuhK!ds gathered the best from the european market for baby's and children's shoes in TZUM, on the 3rd floor.

The shop was opened on the 4th September with a gaily coloured show for the kids that like to have fun and with special presents for their parents.

At the opening all guests received a personal VIP card for the shop SchuhK!ds, which guarantees a discount of 25 % with every purchase until 31.01.2005

What is SchuhK!ds?
SchuhK!ds is a brand name of shops for children's shoes, manufactured in conformation with European and World standards.
SchuhK!ds comes from Gernamy and means “shoe for children” (from the German word “schuh” – shoe and the international word “kids” – children)

In Bulgaria the customers can choose from the models of leading brands for children's shoes all over the world:

  • Richter – shoes from Austria for babies and children
  • Ricosta – a leading name for german shoes for pupils
  • Naturino – Italian designer shoes for modern girls and boys
  • MOD8 – French refined style for the kids' feet

In addition the SchuhK!ds shops have developed their own trade mark kids shoes SchuhK!ds, which are also offered in Bulgaria.

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