2(x)ist has redefined men's underwear

2(x)ist has redefined men's underwear. 2(x)ist is unique in that we focus on emphasizing clean simple lines throughout 2(x)ist collections. Attention to detail, ccombined with superb quality and options in style, fabrics, colors and fit are what have made 2(x)ist the underwear of choice for contemporary, body conscious men.


First introduced in 1991, 2(x)ist answered the demand for a new brand of underwear. 2(x)ist styling is practical, comfortable and versatile for everyday wear. 2(x)ist creates an option for consumers by researching the market and designing each style with construction detailing and fabrications that are different from that of their competitors.

2(x)ist already in Bulgaria

Since November 2004 the unique 2(x)ist underwear is presented on Bulgarian market by the first Bulgarian online webshop www.underwear-for-you.com. That's why no matter where you live, you can have your favourite 2(x)ist underwear just with one mouse click.

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