Punto Blanco stands for comfort and temptation

Underwear left behind it’s secretive underwear image long ago and now clearly reflects the personality and taste of its wearer. Attractive underwear makes you feel comfortable and attractive yourself. It’s the first thing we put on and the last to come off in those specially exciting moments. Underwear, now to be seen. And felt!

Punto Blanco stands for comfort and temptation. Sublime Spanish underwear fashion produced in delicate materials which make it feel alluring.

Punto Blanco is a Spanish underwear label which has become a household name. Not yet in Bulgaria, so it’s high time for change by www.underwear-for-you.com , the first Bulgarian webshop for luxury men’s and women’s underwear and official importer of Punto Blanco, 2(x)ist, HOM, Wonderbra, Bellinda, UNNO

Punto Blanco was established at the end of the 19th Century by Mister Valls, Punto Blanco has been serving the fashion industry for more than a hundred years. From design to manufacturing, to fabric production to packaging.

Punto Blanco's Philosophy stands on four important points:

Fabrics selections: Having their own fabric production facilities enables Punto Blanco to always research for the finest, the most comfortable and the most pleasant to sight and touch fabrics possible. In 2001, Punto Blanco won the first prize in Venitia Italy for fabric manufacturing.. This recognition is called Meryl Prize. The points judged were: comfort, performance, touch and technical.

Latest technology in all their equipment: Production equipment is always the best available in the industry. Weaving and finishing of the products deliver high-end quality.
Fashion forward design: Punto Blanco is always a few seasons ahead of the market place in creating what you will wear.

Manufacturing Quality: Never settle for quantity if quality won't follow ". This is one phrase that has always been the reason behind Punto Blanco's success. Lycras and micro-fibers are not easy fabrics to sew, but Punto Blanco always delivered the best quality of finishing on the market.

This is how Punto Blanco got to be number ONE.

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