Michael Stouyiannos and Andres Aquino will present their Fashion Show at Couture Fashion Week

Michael Stouyiannos and Andres Aquino will present their Fashion Show at Couture Fashion Week3-D entrepreneur Michael Stouyiannos and fashion show producer and designer Andres Aquino have joined forces to produce future couture fashion shows in 3-D, as well as the first mini-series of 3-D films, launching these projects in the global entertainment marketplace. Attendees at Couture Fashion Week in New York, September 5-7, 2014, will be able to experience a special presentation in 3D. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway.

“We are thrilled to make the Couture Fashion Week shows and other future events available to the global 3-D audience,” says Michael Stouyiannos. “Fashion shows are exceptional entertainment, with very high metrics and audience engagement. We are confident that Andres’ creativity in combination with our stereographic 3-D knowhow will create significant breakthroughs in the fashion entertainment industry worldwide.”

According to Mr. Stouyiannos, the 3-D visualization technology will increase the impact of the fashion shows and the overall entertainment experience. 3-D content has much higher awareness, recall and engagement than any other distributing and technology infrastructures. He believes that in the near future many fashion shows will be broadcast in stereoscopic 3-D and eventually in holographic 3-D. “We have the vision to produce the first holographic fashion shows worldwide,” he added.

Mr. Stouyiannos expects to publish the 3-D content to a cloud-based 3-D platform live globally in Spanish, Russian and Mandarin in addition to English. “The Spanish-speaking and Asian 3-D markets are growing very fast and we are excited to promote our entertainment productions to these huge consumer areas. We have plans to start begin marketing our productions to India also in late 2015.”

Mr. Aquino and Mr. Stouyiannos are currently collaborating in the production of a series of 3D short movies written and directed by Andres Aquino. The first episode of an initial series of 5 mini drama episodes in 3-D is entitled “Journey in Red” and is already in the post-production phase and will soon l be available to the global 3-D audience.

In terms of monetization, the majority of the 3-D content will be available at no charge. “We focus our monetization policy through 3-D commercials and sponsors promoting their products through our productions,” says Mr. Stouyiannos.

Mr. Stouyiannos is confident there will be increasing consumption and demand for 3-D entertainment content worldwide in upcoming years. “The strong and growing supply of 3-D devices is creating very strong fundamentals to the global 3-D market,” says Mr. Stouyiannos. Most new smart TVs are now 3-D enabled, at no additional cost to the buyer. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be more than 800 million 3-D TV households worldwide, with a ratio of 2 viewers per device. This is a very rapid growth rate considering that today the global user base is around 150 million households and in 2010 it was only 20 million. “This exponentially growing global 3-D audience is hungry for quality 3-D entertainment,” adds Mr. Stouyiannos.

Mr. Aquino believes the collaboration on this 3-D initiative with Michael Stouyiannos will have a broader impact in the fashion and entertainment industry. “Michael is a recognized expert in 3-D technologies worldwide. He has long delivered unique 3-D technologies to the global entertainment industry, and I am excited to work with him in the innovative field of 3-D productions. In our busy lives, where everyone has limited personal time, we believe the quality of our 3-D content will satisfy and engage an increasingly growing 3-D audience worldwide, creating a unique global entertainment market,” says Mr. Aquino.

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