“TRIUMPH” all over the world fashion show: five years of the famous label in Bulgaria

Translation: Miglena Damyanova

The wonderful designs of “Triumph International” underwear and swimming suits together with the original performance of the girls from “Perfect fashion show” from Budapest gave holiday spirits of the 5th anniversary of “Triumph International” in Bulgaria. The event took place in “Kempinski Hotel Zografski” on the 16th of May and gathered outstanding admirers of the comfort and quality of this label products. Among them there were Silvia Vasileva – vise prime minister Nikolai Vasilev’s wife, baroness Mariana Gendovich, Julia Bul, Maria Novack, Olga Usckova, Hristo Kurtev, Minio Staikov, Silvia Kacarova, Irina Florin, Nikolai Panaiotov, Iavor Cakov, etc.

Official guests of the evening were Mr. Stephan Wölfer – director of “Triumph International” for Eastern Europe, Mrs. Zoltanne Szabo – manager of “Triumph International (Budapesht)” and Mr. Hans Ehard – director “Operative marketing” of “Triumph International” for Eastern Europe.

Special congratulations to Mrs. Dora Black – manager of “Triumph International (Sofia)” on the occasion of the firm’s birthday, addressed doctor Mitko Vasilev, who is a head manager of the “German-Bulgarian industrial-trade chamber”.

On the occasion of the anniversary Mrs. Dora Black shared: “Owing to the strenght of the marketing and advertising our clients develop and we win the confidence of more firms, which believe in “Triumph International”. In the century of the informational boom only products with exclusively high quality and modern design could have success. In this relation we have proved ourselves through all these years, because we satisfy even the highest requirements for material, quality, design and price. The combination of these four components guarantees our succes”.

Filled to the extreme limit hotel hall “Sofia” wildly applauded the attractive show, named “Triumph” all over the world”. Designs from the latest 2005 collection were presented with fine taste, style and great sense of humour. The original dance choreography, combined with emblematic music and Elvis Presley’s and Antonio Banderas’ hits, demonstrated the designers’ of the label creative ideas, inspired by different cultures and traditions all over the world. The choreographer of the show, filled with the temperamental Hungarian girls, was Eva Seres. The selection of the collection was Daniel Rogers’ deed, the styling was Eva Szekelyi and the director of the whole show was Joseph Czigany. The production from the Bulgarian side was Lubomir Stoykov’s and Nikolai Sotirov’s work.

The performance shows that the woman, who wears the underwear of “Triumph”, is attractive, self-confident, sexy, desired, intelligent and fascinating. The 2005 collection consists of designs for each taste and personal desires – playful elements such as lace edging, ties, ribbons, etc, simple of coloured with floral patterns vision, seductive lace or comfort elastic fabric, which makes the perfect fit of the body. Beautiful accessories, topical for the season, are provided in addition to the clothes.

The culmination of the show marked the official starting of the Internet address www.fashion-style.net on Bulgarian language. The page was started personally by the face of the line “Fashion Style” Anna Carolina. Anna is a Brasilian topmodel, chosen after a competition to shoot for “Triumph”. She herself is a manager of a fashion botique near to Sao Paolo, since her hobby to draw desings has become a profession.

The exclusively charming Brasilian topmodel shared: “”Triumph” is something very important for me. They believed in my potential and I’m really happy about that! The underwear and the swimming suits of this label are very comfortable, soft and discreet. They are so sexy!”

“Triumph International (Sofia)” received the new established award of the Fashion academy - “Fashion Mercury 2004”, which is adjudged for “A Convincing Presence On The Bulgarian Market”. The beautiful plastic sculpture is made specially by Stavri Kalinov and was handed to Mrs. Dora Black by the presidents of the Fashion academy - Mrs. Donka Ganeva and Mr. Lubomir Stoykov.

1.The official guests of the event – Stephan Wölfer, Zoltanne Szabo and Hans Ehard (from left to right).
2.Dora Black accepts congratulations from doctor Mitko Vasilev.
3.The beginning of the show – designs from the latest collection 2005 of “Triumph International”.
4.– 8. Models from the collection 2005, demonstrated on the background of a stage atmosphere, hinting at Turkey, Russia, Greece, India and Brasil.
9.The presidents of the Fashion academy Lubomir Stoykov and Donka Ganeva are handing the award “Fashion Mercury 2004” to Dora Black.
10. The Brasilian topmodel Anna Carolina on the catwalk during the show.

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