The first made in Italy in Web

To sell in all the world, with internet, the tricolor: this the project of Fashionrome

The first made in Italy in WebMade in Italy enters the net. It is the first Italian site that is born with the undisputed and very precise objective: to sell in the world, thanks to internet, fashion products that are exclusively Italian. The idea is to make known and put on the market, new Italian companies and emerging young stylists, not yet well-known and unobtainable on internet. The prices are reasonable, overall, if compared to the famous designer names. "The products and the fabrics, assures the author Paola Casini - are of utmost quality". "The target of potential buyers? A range of women between 20 to 50 years old. One can pick a type of product or the name of the stylist. But there is much more. Fashionrome is the first fashion site to have the service B2B, that is the selling not only directly to the client, but also to worldwide wholesale dealers (in that Fashionrome sometiems transforms itself as an agent and has the exclusivity with several US and UK companies). The principal target of the new world site is the United States, given its large consumer area, and it is exactly within the American sites one can find the large part of publicity. Whereas, regarding Italy, the principal target is made up of small, but rich provinces, in which it is not always easy to find sufficiently stocked boutiques. "The idea is that through Fashionrome - Ms. Casini says - any woman can find and buy clothes articles without leaving the commodity of one's home."

The site is on internet since March and even persons as far as India have registered to view the winter collection 2006/07 that were on site since March. Between the end of July and the beginning of August you will begin to see the winter collection 2006/07 for B2C and the summer collection 2007 for B2B. Special offers and sales will not lack! For
example, there will be days with the offer of " Free shipping", meaning that there are no shipping charges for who buys merchandise during those special days, and in addition, beginning from June, sales will begin, just like in a regular shop or store.

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