Barby dolls dressed by designers from Bulgaria

Designers from Bulgaria created unique toilets for Barby doll. The dresses were shown on special exhibition at The City Center of Sofia during "The Internacional week of Blonds". The president of The Russian Busines Club-Olga Uskova and the president of  The Internacional Blonds Association-Natalia Stolyarova were the kind founders of event. In the end there was carried out a charity auction where many dolls were sold. Funds are meant to children from "Nadezhda" orphanage.

Among designers upholded the cause were Albena Aleksandrova ("Roshavata Garga"), Milka Aleksandrova-Buchi, Paola Apsi, Antoaneta Dolkina, Jana Jekova, Verginia Zdravkova ("Verginia Atelier"), Nelly Koleva, Svetoslava Milanova, Maria Micheva, Elena Moskvichova, Irina Florin, Miroslava Shopova, "Irida" Fashion house and "Tani" Fashion house.

The most expensive doll was the one dressed by Paola Apsi-2700 lv. Albena Aleksandrova doll reached 2000 lv. and the Virginia Zdravkova doll-1100 lv.

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