Dress your personality!

This will find every Bulgarian woman in the summer collection of „Arda-Rousse“.

It is a new collection combining body comfort, attractive prices and personal conformity.

The collection includes clothes for everybody. Every woman could find her own fashion style:

* „Arda-Sport“ fashion line proposes sports and colourful style

* „Arda-Vision“ fashion line proposes romantic style, tender as well artistic

* „Arda-Duo“ fashion line proposes elegant everyday style which is comfortable but not ordinary.

* „Arda-Max“ fashion line proposes femininity style for women in over the 48 size.

Dress your personality Dress your personality

The colours in fashion for this Spring/Summer 2007 season are white, black and all brown nuances. The key colour again is red. The trousers are straight, skirts – ruffled, stays – very sexy, dresses – playful and romantic.

Dress your personality Dress your personality

Silk, linen, cotton and „wrinkled“ materials remind the style of 60's. Embroidery in faded nuances, lace and beads bring the completeness and variety of the collection.
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