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Comfort and chic in Elena Moskvichovas collection

Comfort and chic in Elena Moskvichovas collection

In a few days will be displayed a new collection for spring-summer 2004 by the famous fashion house “A-Style” with designer Elena Moskvichova. That will happen in the prestigious Ryla Hotel in Sofia on March 4th in front of special audience. The designer /she was nominated for “Zlatna Igla 2002” /Golden Needle 2002/ by the Fashion Academy/, will show over 50 pieces separated and structured in three different themes.

The first one is devoted to every-day-life comfort and is made by knitted fabrics that designer selected for the first time and combined with lace and mesh. The variety of combinations - skirts and blouses or daily suits with jackets, in that case sleeveless, is great.

The second theme contains two-parts business suits diversified by materials, variety of bright colors and the button up technics. Typical for her previous collection was edging but for spring-summer collection the designer put a special accent on lace and play with little details as lapels, sleeves etc. You can notice eastern motives in some of the suits.

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