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Valentino Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection
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Valentino Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection

Giving shape to the freedom of being oneself, without labels and without belongings. Grace as a way of being and as a mean of expression.

Tanya Ilieva in art-show of the sports fashion mogul
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Tanya Ilieva in art-show of the sports fashion mogul "Moncler"

The glamorous Grand Central Station terminal in New York turned into a makeshift fashion stage for the presentation of the autumn-winter 2011 trends of the sports brand Moncler Grenoble, where the star was the favorite of many, Tanya Ilieva.

The model of "Visages", who lives now in New York, but traveled for continuous commitments to the world’s hottest fashion spots, presented the clothing of the sports brand during an attractive fashion show, gathered in one place models, special guests and near passing people at the terminal.

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